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Welcome to Capitol Skateboard! We exist on this digital space to help make a positive impact in the physical world.

Our mission is to help kids and adults everywhere on the planet get access to skateboarding. A major factor to help this vision come true is making boards cheaper and easier to ride.

Since our humble start, we have helped hundreds of riders gain confidence with their ride. Their skill levels advance day by day. Teenagers make friends thanks to the sport. Adults get better health by moving their bodies.

Everybody can enjoy this amazing sport and gain the benefits. Come join us!

The Team

Jack S. Ayers, General Manager

Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jack S. Ayers . I have loved skateboarding since I was 12.  I enjoy spending time at the local skatepark with my best buddies. I think my pitbull is a bit jealous because I spend more time skateboarding than playing with him.

Also, I love children! I’m now a parent of two wonderful kids! I’m teaching them how to skateboard. Capitol Skateboard is the place where I share my passion with everyone else. I want this sport to be accessible to every child. It’s not a luxury sport that only the wealthy can play.

I invite you to join this journey with me. Very glad to have you here!

Dale J. Johnson, Expert Reviewer

Like how a chicken farmer has seen hundreds of chickens over the years, I have seen hundreds of skateboards my entire life. Among those are great ones and worst ones. For starters, it can be like going through the Amazon rainforest if you don’t know where you’re going.

I’m going to help you. In the blog, you’ll find no-nonsense, no BS, no fluff posts guiding you to make the best decisions. I also post some great tutorials and techniques to help you get the most out of your board. Whether it’s your first time or your 100th time, you’re going to get something useful from the blog.

Philip S. Ahn, Seasoned Professional

I made my daughter a longboard out of some wood, glue, and a lot of love. You can make skateboards or longboards yourself. These are the DIY projects that I incredibly love. If this is something you like, you’ll find many beautiful designs and ideas on the site. Hope you’ll enjoy reading them. Have fun!