Is Element a good skateboard brand?

Element is a great skateboard brand. The most unique thing about this company is that they boldly bridged the gap for girl skaters in the male-dominated skateboard industry.

Their boards are made with a combination of style, art, nature, and culture. The founders do have very good taste. In fact, they are pro skaters themselves.

As of now, Element is present in over 10 countries with over 100k YouTube subscribers. If you’re looking to buy an Element skateboard, all we can say is that you’re going on the right track. Plus, you have very good taste!

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Element Brand Overview

Are Element Skateboards a good brand For Kids

The brand started in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992. Kori was this Southern California girl who was into ballet, softball, and parties and certainly not skateboarding. When she met her boyfriend Johnny, who was crazy about this sport, she herself became interested.