Is Element a good skateboard brand?

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Element is a great skateboard brand. The most unique thing about this company is that they boldly bridged the gap for girl skaters in the male-dominated skateboard industry.

Their boards are made with a combination of style, art, nature, and culture. The founders do have very good taste. In fact, they are pro skaters themselves.

As of now, Element is present in over 10 countries with over 100k YouTube subscribers. If you’re looking to buy an Element skateboard, all we can say is that you’re going on the right track. Plus, you have very good taste!

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Element Brand Overview

Are Element Skateboards a good brand For Kids

The brand started in Atlanta, Georgia in 1992. Kori was this Southern California girl who was into ballet, softball, and parties and certainly not skateboarding. When she met her boyfriend Johnny, who was crazy about this sport, she herself became interested.

They went through pages of all the popular skateboarding magazines like Thrasher, Slap, and Transworld. Kori wondered why they hadn’t created clothes for girl skaters. Johnny simply informed her that girls just wore men’s smallest size clothes.

This sounded like a huge gap in the market. That was when Kori grabbed the opportunity and expanded Element to better serve more female skaters in this industry. They sponsored the skateboarder Vanessa Torres.

Element boards are blended with fashion and function. Note, though, they are not an overly girly or feminine brand. What they want to bring is this open-minded all-inclusiveness that gives every skater the same representation, affirmation, and recognition they deserve.

Element has never stopped expanding and traveling around the world to learn about more skate communities, creativity, and cultures. They’re creating their very own Element Tribe, which is pretty cool!

Element Skateboards

Being stationary when doing tricks

Although some buyers get their Element skateboards for their kids, these are not just-for-kids skateboards at all. They make great pro skateboards as well.

We’ll now look at some of the most important elements when considering whether an Element skateboard is the right one for you.


Element skateboards are super affordable. They range from $50 to around $100. Generally, you won’t find an Element skateboard that is priced over $100.

To put this into perspective, this price range offers the very best quality for your boards. First of all, the $50 point makes sure your boards are made from high-quality wood. Compared to cheap $20 boards, this is a very decent amount covering all the basic costs.

Second of all, this price is reasonable for most buyers, even beginners. Unlike other pro brands, there are no boards that cost over $200.

If you’re starting out, we think the Element Seal, Element Dispersion, or Element Texas would be great choices at $40 and $50.

If you’re an intermediate or pro skater, you may be interested in getting Element Bam Heartagram or the Golden Hour. Those are fantastic choices at $80.

Type of boards

Actually, Element only carries one type of skateboard. That is the complete skateboard.

Simply, complete skateboards are those 100% ready-to ride boards right out of the box.

They’ve assembled the boards for you. They’ve put everything like the grip tape, the bearings, trucks, and wheels in place so you don’t have to waste time doing so.

While this may be good news for beginners who are not very handy, this may not be exciting news for folks who like DIY projects.

Element is not very specialized in making other types of boards like longboards, penny boards, nickel boards, etc. But regarding skateboards, they are a force to be reckoned with.

You’ll mostly find their skateboards around 32” or 33”. That’s the standard for most skateboards.

Skateboard Quality

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You’ll often find Element skateboards made from thriftwood or maple. These materials are both durable and lightweight. In fact, most Element skateboards weigh around 5 lbs. This is very manageable, even for smaller riders.


Most Element boards have ABEC 5 bearings. If you’re not very familiar with ABEC rating, it simply means the precision, speed, and performance of your bearings. The higher the number, the higher the quality.

ABEC 5 is actually the standard in the skateboard industry. For the price of $50 to $90, this is a very good number already.


Because you’ll mostly use your skateboards for doing tricks, cruising, or sliding, you’ll need hard wheels. These will help you do tricks much easier. Plus, they roll fast!

That’s why you’ll find hard 90A – 98A wheels on Element boards. Out of 100, 90A wheels are super hard. The diameter of the wheels is around 52mm. This is very acceptable as well.


The deck of the board actually varies a bit depending on the model you get. You’ll find some that are more concave than others. Overall, you’ll get some good flex on the deck. With some flex, you’ll be able to do powerful pumps and flips easily. The deck, also, is durable.

Who Is Element Skateboards For?

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As you can see, Element has some pretty well-made skateboard collections. But who would these boards be ideal for?

From our experience, we think kids, first of all, would be excited to get their first ever Element skateboard. If you’re a parent looking for a skateboard, the $50 ones would be a very suitable choice.

They are not overly expensive. Also, this is a great way to see if the kids will love skateboarding and pick up the sport later on.

Also, teenage or adult riders would find Element skateboards an awesome choice. If your budget is small, get those under $75. If you have a large budget, you can shoot for those over $75. When you ride an Element board, you’re riding in style, comfort, and safety.

A point to note, however, is that the boards may not be ideal for heavy riders. The main concern is the weight capacity of the board. So, if you’re a heavy rider, we’d advise you to look for other choices that are specifically made with this aspect in mind.


There’s not much to complain about a brand that has made their statement for over 25 years. The number of happy customers speaks for itself. Thousands of skaters cannot be all wrong.

If you’re buying a present for your kid, this is a good choice. If you’re looking for a pro or entry-level skateboard, Element can deliver. Plus, they have some super cool clothing like beanies, jeans, shirts, hoodies for both men and women. You can definitely check them out! Thanks for reading!